As much as pregnant moms prefer to give birth the natural way, there are scenarios wherein they cannot control their birthing process, eventually giving in to delivery by Caesarean-section. Like most mom, Nikki Gil-Albert thought she was going to give birth the natural way. She was in labor for 24 hours, but her OB-Gyne informed her that she wasn’t dilating enough. “If it took longer and started to distress the baby, she (OB-Gyne) might have to open me up already. That was the only time I entertained the thought of giving birth via C-section. At that point, I was ready for whatever the doctor deemed best and safest for both Finn and myself,” Nikki told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

“I learned from friends and family, and even from medical professionals, that children born via C-section are more prone to immune-related health risks,” shares Nikki Gil-Albert who gave birth to her son Finn via C-section.

“Finn was breastfed for the most part, but when we encountered some gastro issues and some milk supply issues, we were prescribed HiPP Organic Combiotic Support (CS) Instant Formula (for newborns) to supplement for a few days,” adds Nikki on how the milk brand helped her get through motherhood for the first few days.

With the ongoing pandemic, Nikki knew that she had to make sure her son’s health is at its best. And if the brand’s milk formula for newborns helped her before, she knew that its latest variant, HiPP Organic CS with Human Milk Probiotic (HMP) will be able to keep her son healthy as well. The term probiotic says it all, and what this milk formula does is take care of one’s gut as it also takes charge of communicating to the brain our health status. According to Geisinger, “probiotics help with digestion and immune system function—and may even help treat or prevent certain diseases. They’re especially helpful for diarrhea or constipation—both of which are common for kids, especially during potty training.”

“This is why I became more focused on supplementing his diet with HiPP to reduce his chances of getting different infections,” adds Nikki.

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