Nove Ann Tan gives three tips on how to create effective TikTok content

HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE Mommy influencer and motivational speaker Nove Ann Tan focuses on the importance of relationship in her video content (@happywife_nove)

Reports have shown that in the USA alone, 49 percent of teenagers are using the video-sharing, social media app TikTok. No wonder a lot of people are saying that this platform is only for the youth.

But 47-year-old mommy influencer Nove Ann Tan disagrees. In fact, during the recently held #SheShines2021 event last March 4, the motivational speaker said that this where she finds her voice together with her family. 

“One day, my son invited me to do a TikTok video with him. And because I wanted to connect with my teenage son, pinag-aralan ko siya (I studied it),” she shares. “Aba, ganito pala ang TikTok (So, this is how it works).” 

Moving forward, Nove, together with her husband Chinkee Tan, started to create content together about the things they want to share—marriage life and homeschooling. As of today, @Happywifehappylifeph already has 61,000 followers while @ihomeschoolph has more than 54,000 followers. 

“Who would have thought? I am 47 years old, at gumagawa ako ng TikTok (and I using TikTok)!” she says. “It’s accepting. It’s an atmosphere that you could able to really use whatever you have…. It’s very diverse and organic.” 

3 tips on creating content

The mommy influencer gives three tips on how to create effective content on this social media platform. 

  1. Know who you are.

Before working on any content, Nove says, that a creator should know her identity. By doing this, the TikToker will have a clear vision on what type of message she wants to impart with her audience. 

“God has given you great gifts. And you just need to know who you are, so that you can be able to give that message to the world,” she says. “Do not compare yourself to other people. Do not. God has given you talent and that’s authentic and embrace that.”

2. Know your target market.

“Don’t start with what you want, but with what your target market wants,” she continues. “Create content that will meet the needs of your market.” And lastly,

3. Know how to help others

For the last point, Nove encourages creators to use their voice and platforms to help their audience by sharing content that will inspire and empower. 

“You have to discover what are the pain points or the problems of your audience,” she says. “In my platform, I want to be sensitive to the pain point of view of the parents who are listening to me, to the wives who are listening to me….We need to move in courage, we need to discover.” 

#SheShines2021 is an event initiative by TikTok to focus the spotlights to women TikTokers this International Women’s month. 

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