Anthony “AG” Gonzales and Kristine del Rosario-Gonzales did more than what was expected of them as parents—all for their daughter Agatha who joined their school’s beauty pageant online. As a result of their unwavering support, the nine-year-old grade four student of Veritas Catholic School in Parañaque bagged all the major awards and was even crowned as Ms. Valiant 2021 under the elementary division.

NATURE GODDESS. Agatha Gonzales in her recycled bird-inspired costume. (Photo courtesy of AG Gonzales)

One of the awards is the “Best in Costume,” where they made bird-inspired gown out of recycled balikbayan boxes they brought coming home from Singapore. They used to reside there before the pandemic. And with the help of other family members, who stayed late for three nights, they were able to create a masterpiece that went viral on social media.

“We’re so happy with the result. But, we didn’t expect others would appreciate it. That time, we were just giving our best to give her a recycled costume,” said AG.

AG also designed the terno butterfly sleeves that she used for the question and answer portion of the pageant. “It was her old dress. Then, I just add Filipiñana sleeves that are made from wires, plastic straw, used beads, and crystals from our old chandelier. It is inspired by Heart Evangelista’s white terno dress,” he shared to Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Online. “I also did the ear cuffs that she wore, which were inspired by Catriona Gray’s 3 Stars and a Sun. It’s made up of flat wire and glittery foam board. But for the stars, I got it from my wife’s broken earrings. Basically, it’s all recycled and DIY (laughs)! 

A Fine Arts graduate in the University of SantoTomas, AG said that it was his first time to design a costume and dress because he is more of a painter and clay sculptor.

The creative daddy also worked as a layout artist and art director in some of the country’s top magazines. That’s why when he was doing the video and photo shoot himself, he became nostalgic and recalled how he directs professional models before. Even though it was so different then, he is proud of her daughter who willingly obliged by every instruction he gave.

A hands-on dad, AG admits he helps Agatha in her school projects, especially in arts. “But I just guide her, teach her basic techniques, and let her do the rest, because I don’t want to force her. I just remind her to always do things from the heart,” he said.

TEAM GONZALES. All smiles after their afternoon video and photo shoot.

The daughter’s YouTube channel Agatha’s playhouse is proof of how she does things by heart and that love for arts runs in her blood. Most of her content is sharing her talents, especially in singing, which AG confessed she got it from her mother Kristine, who by the way, was responsible for the hair and make-up during the pageant.

Like AG and Kristine, many support their children all the way. But some are even guilty of doing things for them, which is a no-no for Mr. and Ms. Gonzales because they believe that supportive parenting means having your child’s best interest at heart, which could mean guiding them to be a better person by being helpful, involved, and present at their side.

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