Her husband Mikael Daez is also using these products

BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT Megan Young achieves glass skin look my maintaining a healthy lifestyle and observing a simple skincare routine (@meganbata)

The glass skin look has been dominating the top beauty trends to cop for the past few years. This beauty trend that originated from South Korea means having this clear, luminous skin, making skin seemingly translucent. 

Among the local celebrities who was able to achieve this luminous look is beauty queen, model, and actress Megan Young. At the Neutrogena’s Glass Lab event, Megan, as the brand’s ambassador, shared with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle her secrets in achieving this glass skin look. 

Here are her easy-to-follow skincare tips:

Despite being a celebrity, Megan openly admits that she’s a low-maintenance woman, and it even reflects on her daily skincare routine. The first thing she does upon waking up is to cleanse her face with Neutrogena hydro boost cleanser. 

“Honestly, super dali lang talaga ng skincare routine ko (I have a simple skincare routine),” she says. “I would say, once a week, I would do the full Neutrogena line but, honestly, my daily skincare routine is really just cleansing and moisturizing.” 

Just as she mentioned, after washing her face, she moisturizes with the cream. And this specific routine is special for Megan, for she shares the product with her husband Mikael Daez. 

During the exclusive interview, Mikael, even joined the conversation by proudly saying “I love it, too,” pertaining to hydro boost water gel. 

“Throughout the years, I’ve tried like different steps and in different products, but I found that cleansing and moisturizing work best for my skin,” she the 2013 Miss World. “Mikael, my husband loves it like. He steals my moisturizer. And the reason why I like it so much is because it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and it feels so nice. The smell is also nice, so it really feels like I’m splashing, like a fresh tub of water on my face but it’s in moisturizer consistency.”  

Applying sun screen
To cap off the routine, they both apply sunscreen. On their social media account, it is apparent that they love the outdoor life. 

“What I love about it is, it’s the type of sunscreen that doesn’t like leave those white marks on your face so you don’t have to like aggressively blend it into your skin,” the 31-year-old actress says. “So, I would really recommend it for going out.” 

Dealing with dry skin
Just like most of us who have our own skin problems to deal with, Megan openly admits that she has dry skin. And to maintain this, she makes sure she drinks plenty of water every day on top of maintaining her skincare routine. 

“I have a big jug of water that I keep by my desk because, if not, I will forget [to drink water] and you always need to make sure that you’re hydrated,” she says. “Second, is that I moisturize daily, even if I’m super tired from maybe a shoot or from work or just from playing games all day. Because if not, then I start getting flakes. My skin starts to get dry and irritated. And then for some reason it goes all the way down to like my shoulders, my back, so I have to make sure in my everyday moisturizer the night.” 

She also gave tips for everyone in finding the right products that will suit every skin type and needs. “I feel like sometimes we go with like the beauty standards or what people would normally say. Like you should do these many steps to achieve this or you should, you know, do etc. etc,” she says. “But, honestly, do what works for you.”  

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/03/31/heres-how-to-achieve-megan-youngs-glass-skin-look/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=heres-how-to-achieve-megan-youngs-glass-skin-look)