Sustainability, quality, and comfort have been the key components of today’s modernization. From redesigned jeans for a more circular economy to a high-caliber strictly limited-edition watch, here’s your first look on these latest restructuring in fashion and beauty.

Owndays Clear Vision monthly contact lenses

As clear as day

Owndays launches Clear Vision, the brand’s first-ever in-house contact lenses in the Philippines. Clear Vision features an ideal balance of the three essential elements for a contact lens: comfort, breathability, and visual performance—making it the perfect contact lens for everyday use.

The lenses are made from naturally wettable and breathable third generation silicone hydrogel material, which has 48 percent water content increasing oxygen’s permeability of the lenses to keep the eyes hydrated, healthy, and fresh all day long. With this, Clear Vision’s thin lenses help minimize the discomfort of a foreign object being placed in contact with the eye.

The new Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph Origins Limited Edition 100

Origin story

Paying tribute to the origins of Minerva, Montblanc unveils the new Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph Origins Limited Edition 100, a re-edition of a 46 mm military monopusher chronograph from the 1930s that was equipped with the calibre 19-09CH.

The timepiece goes beyond a simple reprint, it keeps key elements of the original model while integrating vintage twists. Equipped with the Manufacture Monopusher Chronograph Calibre MB M16.29, the latest Montblanc offering features a 46 mm case made of a special alloy of bronze, a distinctive “officer” case back, and is completed with a brand-new vintage-style brown Sfumato alligator strap with beige stitching. The timepiece is strictly limited to 100 pieces.

The good jeans

Crafted in line with the company’s 2019 pledge to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Jeans Redesign project, Tommy Hilfiger announced the launch of its first Jeans Redesign garments made to be more durable and recyclable.

The innovation was achieved by rethinking the design of the jeans according to circular principles, including using detachable buttons, the replacement of metal rivets with bar tacks, the removal of all metal zippers, removal of the leather patch, and the use of 100 percent organic fabric.

The Jeans Redesign collection highlights Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing commitment to eliminate waste by innovating for circularity. To date, Tommy Hilfiger has trained more than 80 percent of its designers on circular design principles and recently launched Tommy for Life where the company takes back items from customers and partners, cleans, repairs and resells them, keeping products in use longer.

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