Summer is here, and whether we’re at home or out at a resort, children will most likely stay all day in the water to beat the heat.

Just a few days ago, Chen Valdez Agramon posted screenshots from a video of her younger brother Ralph being resuscitated. From the video (warning: sensitive parts) circulating, Ralph was with a group of friends who made him spinned around and around before pushing him into the pool. Another friend is seen documenting the video.

Dizzy from the spin, Ralph didn’t submerged from the pool for more than a few minutes, prompting strangers to rescue the unconscious drowning boy. “Thank you for saving my brother,” she posted in Bisaya.

Yesterday, Ralph’s aunt Razel Yorsua Valdez couldn’t contain her emotions, posting a heartbreaking photo of an unconscious Ralph in the hospital. Disappointed that none of his friends visited him in the hospital, “I hope this will be a lesson to everyone. Not all the time your friends are there to help you, others are the ones who will put you in danger, your friends are present in happiness but when you are on the verge of death, they will just leave you like a dog.”

“Shout out to your friends who still got to take a video and they know you are having a hard time but they didn’t help you. They are laughing at you, it’s painful to think that the one you are treating your friends is the one who will put you in danger.”

As of this writing, Ralph is still in the hospital and we are waiting for updates from his relatives.

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