Are you addicted to popping boba but wanted it on a healthier drink? You can try this new take on smoothies by Sumuji Philippines. They combined those fruity balls with blended full cream milk and healthy frozen fruits, which you might find more addicting when flavors linger on your palate.

But for a better option, you can replace the boba with chia pudding and fruits which are a good source of nutrients, fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. These tiny black seeds also produce fun pops when bitten.

To make these alternative treats possible, a group of millennial entrepreneurs—namely Mary Jean Alvarado, Ricardo Tiu, Princess Sugue, Norminda Santos, and Carla Sta Ana—created Japanese-inspired smoothies and desserts prepared using state-of-the-art technology. 

Bestseller dezato avocado, strawberry mango, and buko lychees.

“We use Rapid Freeze Technology (RFT) to preserve longer the fruits that are formed in a bar. The process of freezing the fruits quickly at extremely low temperatures without preservatives retains its nutrients and maintains freshness even for six months. Thus, we don’t run out of seasonal fruits that are a hundred percent proven all-natural,” beams Mary Jean.

Sumuji CEO Mary Jean Alvarado

“Also, we use vacuum blended technology that reduces fruit oxidation before blending to keep the nutrients intact,” she continues. “Removing the excess air doesn’t create separation from water and keeps the drink smooth and foamless.”

Apart from its long-lasting smoothness, the light sweetness of the pureed fruits is satisfying. So far, among the favorites under the dorinku (drink) menu are avocado, mango, strawberry banana, and ube and cheese. But also a real deal is the lemon Yakult dorinku, where sourness blends well without overpowering the tangy taste of Yakult. 

Strawberry banana dorinku with strawberry popping boba

Other than the thirst-quenching drinks, Sumuji boasts of its dezato (dessert) line, which also has a light and natural sugary taste. It is composed of frozen fruit cubes and another healthy ingredient—chia seeds. Soaked in full cream milk, the marriage of the frosty fruits and chia pudding builds excitement. The crunchy fruits (such as its bestsellers avocado, buko lychee, and strawberry mango) harmonize with the jelly seeds.

Avocado frozen cubes and chia seeds soaked in full cream milk

To complete the frozen fruit experience, Sumuji recently launched their sandoitchi (sandwich) in ube, avocado, and strawberry flavors. The iced fruits are trapped between cheddar cheese and toasted sandwich. This Singaporean-inspired snack gives a playful taste from its crunchy and creamy texture.

Toasted cheese ice cream sandwich in strawberry and avocado flavors

Sumuji’s innovative and Instagrammable products were well received since it began in October 2019 at Eastwood City Mall. The pandemic didn’t even stop them from growing their franchise to 17 mall branches in Luzon. And adopting Japan’s technology made it easy for them to meet the demands.

However, when you order in delivery apps, they can only serve the dorinku and dezato. Well sealed, they assure that dorinku will come cold in pet bottles while the dezato will arrive a hundred percent frozen because they separate it from the milk and all you have to do is mix them before you beat the heat this summer.  

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