Now is not the time for unseasoned food

Losing your sense of taste has been a subject of many online jokes and memes as it is among the early signs of getting COVID-19. No wonder many are quick to be frightened when some of their favorite treats seem to taste a little different, or worse, taste nothing at all. 

That’s what happened to MC Refran as she munched on McDonald’s French fries. To her surprise, the fries lacked its famous salty taste. 

“Ngayon lang nag-take-out ako ng McDo [fries]. Pagtikim ko, walang lasa. Wala talagang lasa as in (I just bought a take-out of McDo [fries]. Upon eating it, I can’t taste anything. It does really have any taste to it),” she said through a TikTok post. “Natakot talaga ako, akala ko didiretso na ako sa ospital. Buti na lang, nanghingi ako ng extra salt. Nilagayan ko, may lasa na. (I got scared, I thought I’m going straight to the hospital. Good thing I asked for extra salt. I put some in, now I can taste it.)

We don’t know if it was a prank or an honest mistake. But boy that was a major crisis averted!

Watch her reaction here:

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