It might seem like a low budget mv but for the new P-pop group it is already ‘solid pare

THE RISE OF THE LEGENDS Members of another P-pop group ALAMAT (@alamat_official)

Have you ever tried to critic your own work? Was the cringy feeling there while watching yourself performing? 

For the rising P-pop group ALAMAT, these young men have nothing but satisfaction and fulfillment watching the product of their hard work with the release of their first music video for their single “kbye.”

Shot in a limited space inside a studio, it can be said that “kbye” was done on a limited budget. But that didn’t become a hindrance for the young artists to showcase their talent and the message they want to impart.

In a reaction video published in their official YouTube channel, ALAMAT—composed of young artists namely Mo, Taneo, Jao, Kin, Tomas, Ri-Ji, Valfer, Alas, and Gami—shared their happiness witnessing their dreams turn to reality. 

“Solid pare,” says Mo, the group’s main rapper. 

On the same video, the group also said that they are proud of incorporating Philippine culture and fashion in their music. “First time natin to, next time mas gagaling pa natin (This is our first time, next time, we will do better),” ALAMAT says. 

As they are now getting attention online because of their natural talent and the way they have proudly sang in different dialects, the artists gave credit to all the people who worked hard with them behind the scene. 

Gusto kong pasalamatan yung mga taong nasa likod nito. Pagod na rin sila kasi nagmamadali tayo, kulang sa tao. Naging parang triple yung trabaho nila…kaya sobrang thank you sa kanila (I want to say thank you to all the crew members behind this music video. They worked hard in a limited time. We were also lacking in man power so their workload had tripled),” says Tomas. 

ALAMAT is a Viva-managed boyband that wants to set itself apart by incorporating western and K-pop influence to creating music that is heavily influenced by Philippine culture. 

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