It was an unexpected and untimely passing of ‘The Supremes’ Mary Wilson who died in her home, but the 76-year-old singer just announced two days ago that she had many plans in store for her birthday, March 6.

For one, she was supposed to release some materials, including an unreleased “Red Hot” album that she recorded in the ’70s. “Hopefully, some of that will be out on my birthday, March 6,” she said. And for the upcoming Black History Month, she planned on interviews about her experience as part of “The Supremes.”

Watch her latest video here over on her Mary Wilson — The Official Channel with 1,340 subscribers.

Mary Wilson is survived by her sister Kathryn, brother Roosevelt, and adopted son Willie. She has one daughter Turkessa and grandchildren Mia, Marcanthony, Marina, her son Pedro and grandchildren Isaiah, Ilah, Alexander, Alexandria. She had a son, 14-year-old Rafael, who was killed in an accident. Wilson was with her in the car accident.

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