Here are some non-floral bouquets to give this Valentine’s Day

Flowers? For Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking. That would be the reaction you’ll get from fictional fashion editor Miranda Priestly if you’re planning to send a bundle of blooms this season of love. Sure, flowers are beautiful. They uplift your spirit. But as many become “plantitos” and “plantitas” in the past months, Filipinos may prefer to have their flowers in potted soil than in vases that would only last for days. 

But if you’re dead set in wooing your loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day with bouquets, then surprise them with something that will make their hearts flutter and their tummies happy. These unconventional bouquets put a gastronomical twist on the cliché that is a dozen of roses. A surprise and date eats all in one, these edible gifts will surely give you extra love points on the most romantic day of the year.

Veggie, fruit, and ‘pasalubong’ bouquet

Celebrate Filipino products this Hearts Month with Ayala Malls’ trifecta of edible bouquets. Featuring freshest vegetables, juiciest fruits, and the best of local delicacies, the bouquets are available at Fiesta Market! and online delivery until Feb. 10.

Chocolate strawberry bouquet

The Manila Hotel brings indulgence this Valentine’s Day with its artisanal chocolate strawberry bouquet. Retails for only P1,380 nett, it combines the taste of strawberries and the comforting sweetness of Belgian chocolates. Pre-order starts on Feb. 8 at The Manila Hotel’s Delicatessen, or by calling 8527-0011. 

Liquor arrangement

Men deserve a special treat, too. And if you’re searching for that perfect gift, then intoxicate them with your love with a booze bouquet. Liquor Bouquet PH wraps up any alcoholic drink, from beer and whiskey to soju with Yakult, with chocolate treats to nibble on. Pre-ordering ends on Feb. 9.

Snack bouquet

If your lover is a low-key type and gets impressed with simple gestures, then this one is for him or her. Snack Bouquet Delivery makes ordinary treats the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet. Preparing potato chips, Cheetos, sodas, and beers, even a bucket of Chicken Joy, for the special day, Snack Bouquet Delivery and its products go well with a Netflix and chill kind of date.

McDonald’s bouquet

Fast food restaurants have been a go-to place for many Filipino couples. And while they aren’t excused from the social distancing rules when dining in their stores (which ruins the “kilig”), this Valentine’s Day, it is best to reignite your love with your partner and fast food at home. One of the beloved food chains in the country, McDonald’s, brings its Happy Meals to a more romantic level by turning them into bouquets, whether it is a cheeseburger coupled with apple pies or large fries with stuffed toys on the side or more. Better check the Valentine’s Day offering of the branch nearest to you!

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