Fans of “My Hero Academia” (MHA or “Boku no Hero Academia”), arguably one of today’s best ongoing anime series, are excited because its newest season is coming less than a month from now. 

It’s going to be very plus ultra, indeed

Oh, and there’s a new trailer for this latest season, which just dropped a couple of hours ago. In it, we’re treated to the new opening theme, too: “No. 1” by DISH. But most importantly, as those who follow the MHA manga know, this upcoming season will go back to one of the core themes of shounen titles—tournament-style battles. 

Yes, you got it. A tournament, much like that one from the second season, except this time it’ll only be Class-1A versus Class-1B, with the special participation of Shinso (who is back with a new look, inspired by one of the show’s main heroes). 

Watch the trailer below.

My Hero Academia” season 5 will premiere on March 27, 2021. 

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