Barely into February and an well-loved couple just posted one of the most adorable pregnancy announcements. Juancho Trivino and Joyce Pring are about to join the club of doting parents, and their setting is in an old-school photo booth.

The caption started with, “From #Juanchoyce to #BabyNumberJUAN, and from #TheTrivinos to now becoming #TheTHREEvinos.” Joyce continued, “Fam, we’re excited to share with you all the news. We’re gonna have our own #BundleofJoyth and he/she is ready to say hello this 2021!”

Of course, father-to-be Juancho also posted in his Instagram account, “THREEvinos coming soon! Yes, we are pregnant! Im going to be a dad.”

The fun setup was done by @tippingpointcollective, styled by @danaevernisse, and taken by @littleheartbeatphotography.

Source: Manila Bulletin (