Here something for the non-caffeine lovers

For those who are simply not big fans of coffee, Coffee Project offers a wide variety of tea-based beverages and other non-coffee-based drinks that are also equally satisfying and refreshing. While it is true that the local cafĂ©’s menu is impressive in terms of size and variety, its chain continues to improve its offerings by coming up with seasonal selections that are not only innovative but are also guaranteed to be delicious.

Get introduced to fruity goodness

Coffee Project’s newest line of limited edition drinks focuses on incorporating more fruity goodness to their beverage menu. With the addition of these exciting new drinks, its patrons are introduced to even more ways of enjoying their fruits.

The Banoffee Latte series

The Banoffee Series lets customers enjoy a healthy and yummy balance of banana and coffee flavors—just like the famous dessert pie that many love. The Banoffee Latte can be enjoyed hot, iced, and in frappe. The perfect combination is sure to tickle one’s taste buds and satisfy that dessert craving!

Strawberry Earl Grey Latte series

Strawberry fans are sure to have a field day with Coffee Project’s Strawberry Earl Grey Latte series. The infusion of berries elevates and enhances the flavors of Earl Grey tea. This strawberry-infused drink can be enjoyed either hot or iced.

Go heavy or light at the Coffee Project

One does not go to Coffee Project to just drink coffee—its food offerings are always so enticing and impossible to resist. With new additions being introduced to the already impressive menu, one simply cannot miss out on the flavor explosion and not order any savory or sweet dish from the kitchen.

Waldorf salad

For those who prefer a light meal, the Light and Healthy Waldorf salad is the one to have with its perfect ratio of fruits, nuts, greens, and dressing. Don’t be misguided by its”light and healthy” label though, the Waldorf salad is enough to keep one energized for the day.

Creamy sun-dried tomato chicken skillet

It’s understandable that many have so much on their plates right now because of the ongoing health crisis and the many challenges that have risen from it. For some, what helps them get through the day is a heavy meal on their plate, literally. Coffee Project recommends its creamy sun-dried tomato chicken skillet for those who are used to more filling meals. This dish is guaranteed to keep one’s belly full and happy with its delicious creamy tomato paired with sidings of veggies and rice.

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