It is that time of the year again when single people are being “singled” out in the crowd of lovers. Valentine’s Day often brings out the blues in many not-in-a-relationship hopeless romantics. But for some, it is their bitter side that reigns supreme.

While there is no definitive rule that you cannot have fun as a single person on Valentine’s Day, seeing lovers doing romantic stuff all day is a scene that doesn’t sit well for some single people. If you’re among those who are not a fan of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the perfect date (read: treat) for you.

Local ice cream brand Sebastian’s puts a not-so-romantic twist on one of its Valentine 2021 offering. Presenting the Unresolved Issues ice cream, a treat that puts the term bittersweet to another level.

“The only Valentine flavor that never changes year after year, this sorbet is made from fresh ampalaya and turned into a bitter sorbet that is mixed with sugar which sweetens it but you can still feel the bitterness coming through, like a long held grudge that refuses to let go. Never changing, never moving forward, always staying the same,” the brand posted. “[It is] garnished with candied ampalaya to make it even more bitter. Our most infamous flavor.”

The brand’s Valentine 2021 offering also includes three other flavors. The Mantinong Girlfriend ice cream which is fit for nut lovers. A luscious blueberry experience is promised by the Matinong Boyfriend ice cream. While the Closure ice cream gives the tired hearts the peace they need with Noon Chai tea flavor.

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Images from @sebastiansicecream.

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