Now that is dedication!

Videographer Michael Jamandre shared through a Facebook post his recent experience with a delivery guy who traveled from Binondo to Cavite on a bike to bring the items he ordered.  

In the post, he said was waiting for hours for his order to arrive, to the point that he was already getting frustrated. But when the items finally arrived, his mood changed at the sight of a guy on a bike with his parcel.

“Nung una natawa ako tapos naawa ako (At first, I thought it was funny then I pitied him),” Michael said. “Grabe, from Binondo papuntang Cavite ito lang ang gamit niya [the bike] tapos ang rate P250 (Incredible—from Binondo to Cavite using just that [the bike] for a P250 rate).”

The delivery guy is Jeffrey Sioson, an unemployed man hired by the shop where Michael ordered his Luffy D. Monkey collectibles. The store based its delivery rate to other courier services to lessen the client’s expenses.

For his dedication, Michael offered to tip him with the change he got from the delivery fee. At first Jeffrey declined saying that “it is part of his job,” but Michael insisted.

“Para doon sa store, saludo ako sa pagtulong niyo sa mga tambay sa inyo. At doon sa nagdala ng item ko, idol kita at sana gayahin ka din ng mga ibang tambay sa inyo (To the store, I salute you for helping the unemployed in your area. And to the guy that delivered my item, you’re my idol and I hope many also follow what you’re doing).”

As of writing, Michael’s post has received more than 6,000 comments and 55,000 shares.

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