Celebrity, model, and Garage cover guy André Brouillette is spending his quarantine time, just like most of us, with loved ones. Through a “A Day In The Life” vlog of Brouillette, the actor shares how he lives his life in his hometown of Hilo, Hawaii.

Good morning, André!

The Pinoy Big Brother alumnus seems to be an early riser, as he goes straight to shower and get ready to get some blood pumping at the gym. A lot of us need caffeine to get on with our day, but the model prefers banana and water to get his potassium levels up for his workout in order to maintain his physique.

Brouillette’s Arm Day routine

At the gym, Brouillette hits the iron working on his upper body muscle group by lifting barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment to tone up his biceps and triceps.

Super Loco Moco

After some intense swole moments at the gym, he hits the road to get his favorite Hawaiian breakfast loco moco, which is a combo of hamburger patty, spam, Portuguese sausage, two eggs, rice, gravy, and a side of salad. Before he takes his first bite, he says his prayer.

Rainbow falls

By 9 a.m., he goes home to prepare for a trip he’s going with his family. We takes us to a road trip from Rainbow Falls where daddy Brouillette (who totally looks like him, just a little age over) acts as a personal tour guide on the spot. The vlog then features another ride to Boiling Pots, where they dine with Poke Bowls for lunch as a family.

Poke Bowl for lunch

After a trip in the park, the model goes for round two in the gym, this time boxing! He shows off some sparring skills, which he gets his overall toned body form.

Boxing time

Coming from the gym, he grabs some burrito for dinner as he heads home. As Brouillette’s day comes to an end, he confesses he likes to finish his day by reading the scripture. Before he puts out the camera, he then reminds everyone to not forget to reflect and read the Bible.

Reading from the book of Romans

You can view the full A Day In The Life vlog of André Brouillette here.

Screenshots from his A Day In A Life Vlog.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/01/28/watch-want-to-spend-a-day-with-andre-brouillette-heres-what-to-expect/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=watch-want-to-spend-a-day-with-andre-brouillette-heres-what-to-expect)