Posted just an hour ago, the couple Patrick and Nikka Garcia posted a teaser video on why they have been quiet over on their Instagram Stories and why they didn’t leave for the holidays.

Nikka then continued to explain that she has whole day morning sickness and proceeds to invite their followers to watch their YouTube video.

Over on the vlog, they talk about how this pregnancy is the most challenging. “Dito ako may nausea and food aversions, but I know that it will get better,” says Nikka.

Patrick adds, “She’s high risk, so it’s better for us and her to stay home muna.” They were on a recent trip to Boracay and Patrick was quick to add that Nikka was already pregnant by then. “But no choice na kami (since we booked everything already) but to go on with the trip.” Nikka shared that she enjoyed the trip, but all the nausea and whole-day sickness started when they got home.

The video moved on to the couple on the bed and documenting that Nikka missed her cycle for two days already so they bought a pregnancy test, which came out positive.

Then, they surprised each member of the family with Ate Michelle (firstborn) wishing Nikki will give birth to twins, while Ate Patrice (second) excited, and Ate Pia (third) who trying to comprehend the good news—at first. Other family members who were in the video included Patrick and Nikka’s mothers who are all very excited for this new blessing.

Watch the video for more adorable moments from the Garcia family:

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