Since the wonderful surprise that Meryll Soriano gave birth last December, followers have been curious how her pregnancy and delivery was like since she kept everything a secret.

Finally, she shared an intimate photo of her birthing delivery today. Her doctor warned her that it might be a risky and difficult pregnancy since she was already 38 years old. “I had anxiety over this on the latter part of my pregnancy,” she also added that she had Gestational Diabetes (GDM) between her 6th and 7th month, “which meant four times a day of glucose tests, four times a day of insulin shots, and numerous goodbye to donuts, chocolates, and cakes until I gave birth.”

But these only inspired her to make sure she has a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. “I worked out four to five times a week, healthy food intake, and baby yoga as much as I could. It was hard work and it was difficult and tiring most of the time. But, again, my age is a factor. I did what was needed to be done.”

She continues her long Instagram post by thanking her loved ones, especially “Dud,” which is most likely her pet name for her partner Joem Bascon. “He did pregnant workout with me. There are no words to explain the taking-care-of-me part. He’s the best.”

She’s also grateful for her OB-Gyne who has been taking care of her even when she had Eli. “We are happiest to get to share this experience with our parents and family. Family is everything. And, to Kuya Eli, who has been secretly wishing for a brother since he was 10 years old. Bless his heart. “

And here’s their growing family of four. Meryll gave birth via normal delivery—7 lbs. and 20 inches—10 hours of labor.

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