The “new normal” is here to stay and we’re not going to let it rain on our parade. Couples are finally gathering the courage to get married the intimate way, which is much more special, actually.

Melissa Gohing and Rocco Nacino is one of those couples who got hitched this month. Last January 21, 2020, the couple got married by the bay area overlooking the ocean, with white blooms that filled the ceremony.

“I don’t just want to marry you to be with you forever and live happily ever after, but because marriage is not easy, and it’s a lifetime of ups and downs. You’re the only person I know I can go through all those hurdles with. It’s hard work but it will be worth it. You are my once in a lifetime. Love, your Mrs. Nacino,” posted Melissa.

Rocco couldn’t be any prouder of their union, “Yes… we.. did.. 21-1- 21. Meet my wife, Mrs Melissa Gohing Nacino.”

Congratulations. to the couple!

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