Another reason to love the Sacayanan family

Bretman and Princess (Still from Youtube)

There is still more to Filipino food the world needs to discover. That’s right! Tourists may think they have already tasted the best of what the Filipino banquet has to offer with lechon, adobo, and halo-halo, but the truth is that there are still more to taste and savor. And helping to bring our local cuisine to an international table is Hawaii-based Filipino beauty blogger Bretman Rock and his family. 

Bretman’s family being associated with catering and food businesses in the Philippines is not new information among his followers. What’s new is that they’ll be serving it soon in the US through his mother Merce and older brother Edmond‘s food endeavor, Mama Merce’s Kitchen.

In his latest mukbang vlog, Bretman and his sister Princess not only dished their family’s upcoming Filipino food truck business, but also featured a smorgasbord of Filipino delicacies prepared by their mom and brother that will be available on the food truck. Think of the all-time favorites like pancit bihon, pinakbet, and the adobo and the classics like igado, bistek, Bicol express, and dinuguan, and many more! Honestly, we’re heavily salivating over their mukbang eats.

In his past videos, Bretman already flexed how an amazing cook his mom is. The revelation here is his kuya‘s culinary prowess. According to Edmond, he used to cook for his co-workers and got praises about the meals and they encouraged him to start his own business.

In true Filipino dining spirit, Bretman and Princess ate their food using their bare hands for the mukbang, and even chatted in Ilokano. That bit with the bagoong is so relatable!

Here’s to the success of Mama Merce’s Kitchen!

Get to know more about their Filipino food truck here:

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