Photo courtesy of Rica Peralejo/Instagram

When you were getting ready to be a first-time parent, you might have read one or two pregnancy and baby books and maybe even took a couple of classes to prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. But what happens after the first year of life when that baby turns into an independence-seeking toddler?

Celebrity mother Rica Peralejo shared on social media her list of child development books for parents. A self-confessed bookworm, Peralejo spends most of her time buckling down to pages and pages of any book she has on hand.

“When I shared about how when we think kids are playing with their food they really are just being scientists is something that I learned from books, people asked me what those books are,” Peralejo wrote in an Instagram post. “Read most of them, have not finished all, and some of my knowledge are from seminars I attended, conducted by two of the authors here themselves.”

Titles she recommends include The Gentle Discipline Book by Sam Ockwell-Smith, Baby Knows Best by Deborah Solomon, Toddler Brain by Laura Jana, and Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky, among others.

Knowing how the brain and body of a developing child works, the actress said, can be reassuring when mothers feel lost about child rearing. 

“You get less mad, less impatient because you now understand a child acts within a specific context and not because they are just being irrational or difficult,” Peralejo said. “I even say that more than homeschooling, prioritize this because even homeschooling boils down to a question of the foundations of our parenting philosophy.”

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