#YearOnTwitter: Its managing director for Southeast Asia reveals how Pinoys used the platform in the middle of the pandemic

With only a few days left before we all say goodbye to 2020, this is the time to look back, analyze, and reflect on how we spent our time this year, especially on social media. 

And to give us a glimpse of how Pinoy Twitter users behaved on the micro blogging site this year, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle talks with Arvinder Gujral, Twitter managing director on Southeast Asia, where he shares some insights about the #YearOnTwitter 2020 for the Philippines. 

Entertainment stories dominate the conversation

One of the notable things about the said social media platform’s year-end report is that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainment topics in general are still the most talked about on Twitter. Some of the most tweeted hashtags are #SB19, #mayward, and #mainemendoza. 

“We once again saw the likes of Maine MendozaAlden RichardsMaymay Entrata ruling the list. It’s all thanks to the consistent support and love of Filipino fans for their favorite love teams, artists, and celebrities,” he says. 

Aside from celebrities, Pinoys also Tweeted a lot about music and Korean culture. “Last July, the #MYXAwards2020 went online and streamed on Twitter. Even though there’s no actual on-the-ground event, it impressively garnered over 4 million tweets globally; showing that people want entertainment content now more than ever,” Arvinder says. “It also proves that even if live concerts and physical events were cancelled, the power of entertainment still prevailed.”

When it comes to K-culture, #BTS, #blackpink, and #treasure are among the most tweeted K-pop hashtags in the Philippines. 

Helping those in need

When asked on how Filipinos used the platform when it comes to starting a conversation about important societal issues, the managing director says that Pinoys used Twitter to spread awareness about important events or even to start crowdfunding campaigns to help those in need. 

“In hashtags related to news, #COVID19 is definitely the most tweeted hashtag in the category which was tweeted for nearly 400 million times globally. It’s also pretty self-explanatory since the word itself sums up what happened this 2020,” he continues.

“It is followed by #cagayanneedshelp or the hashtag used by people to mobilize help, attention, and aid for the people affected by the extreme flooding in Cagayan Province,” Arvinder explains. “Then we have the #rescueph, which became the go-to hashtag for many Filipinos to crowdsource or alert the public about emergencies and other situations that need help and attention, from the Taal eruption last January to the relief efforts for flood-stricken communities. The use of hashtags such as these proved to be helpful especially in the situation we are in now, and it is a heartwarming moment to see Filipinos helping each other in any way they can.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2020/12/21/this-year-on-hashtags-covid-caring-on-pop-culture/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=this-year-on-hashtags-covid-caring-on-pop-culture)