Without a doubt, the Samsung Q80T QLED 85” 4K TV is a thing of beauty, versatility, and power.

The Samsung Q70R QLED marvel

If you were to compare TV’s to beasts in the jungle, this QLED would be among the species on the very top of the food chain – a Lion King in-the-making, ruling Pride Rock with the assistance of its own Zazu, in this case, a ‘Bixby’ (more on that later).

It’s the ultimate Home Entertainment system to bring home this Christmas – a gift for every member of the family. It will go a long way, and be appreciated differently by each member.

The dashboard-style way of knowing what’s on and streaming at a glance

If anything, the new issue that will arise is apportioning hours when each family member will have ‘dibs’ on the QLED – but that’s a happy problem, with screen-sharing a possibility.

For beyond the state-of-the-art qualities of the TV itself, there are really exciting Connectivity and Smart TV options that turn it into a technological marvel – a fine example of how technology can be utilized to be of practical and enhanced service to its users.

The 85-inch screen model I road-tested had an immersive quality worth mentioning. You’ll notice the heightened contrasts of lush blacks and radiant whites within scenes; and the intelligent 4K processor upscales the picture, and optimizes each viewing moment.

Synching your smartphone to this SmartTV and letting the mirroring take over a portion of the QLED’s screen

One experiences depth and detail with their Quantum HDR 8X, powered by HDR10+. That’s four times the resolution of Full HD – the amazing intelligence means it’s automatically adapting picture brightness & sound to match conditions of the room.

Highlighting the enhanced Sound experience is the Samsung Harman Kardon Sound Bar, which transforms your living room into a virtual home theater. It’s a long, rectangular bar that’s planted in front of your QLED unit, and one can play with options, whether to use the sound bar or stick to the TV-installed speakers.

The QLED Smart features include:

OneRemote – the slim OneRemote automatically detects and controls all compatible connected devices and content.
Bixby on TV – you can control your TV with just your voice, asking Bixby questions about what you want to explore. This includes such queries as who is the Director of the film one is watching, and asking Bixby to show you other movies directed by said Director.
Universal Guide – one simple on-screen guide can show you all streaming content and live TV shows from all your devices and services. And this now includes Apple TV app, and videos from Apple devices.
Smart Home and QLED – there’s a dashboard for seamlessly controlling your compatible smart home devices and appliances.
Real Game Enhancer – the QLED offers better visibility in the dark; optimizing image quality and sound, to immerse you better in the game. FreeSync gives you real-time lower-lag gaming speed.
Ambient Mode – this helps your unit blend with your home decor, so it’s not just a simple black screen when in repose. It’s about customizing the screen with a variety of static images.
Super Connectivity – this allows your compatible phone and devices to take over portions of the screen while you’re watching TV content.

I mention this last feature again, because of the implications this has for enhancing your child’s online learning experience. Rather than being glued to a small laptop screen for hours, you now have the option to have your child seated in front of a giant screen, easing the body and eye strain they may be undergoing now.

And the Real Game Enhancer means the QLED is loaded with features that will make this an immediate favorite with gamers as they connect their XBox and PlayStation5 to the QLED; and embark on a much more immersive gaming experience. Dads, are you reading this?

And the Moms will love how the QLED connects to all the compatible smart devices and appliances one has in the household. And how your mobile phone can be mirrored within the QLED’s screen, so you can check FB & IG right there on the TV screen as it takes over a portion of the expansive screen.

So much to enjoy and discover, and so much technology that can be appreciated. Listen to this QLED ‘roar’!

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2020/12/09/the-home-entertainment-beast/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-home-entertainment-beast)