Like many women, actress Matilda de Angelis struggles with acne—and she’s done hiding it. 

Photo courtesy of Matilda De Angelis/Instagram

In an Instagram post, The Undoing actress shared a makeup-free photo of her skin, along with a caption about self-acceptance.

“Paradoxical things happen in life, don’t they?” De Angelis wrote. “Well, for me, being an actress and working with a face eaten by acne is one of them.”

The Undoing star said she struggles to feel confident at work due to her skin condition. 

“Every day I have to wake up and present myself first in front of the mirror and then in front of the camera with all the emotional load that already entails and being ‘splendid,’ ‘in part,’ and concentrated together with all my fears and insecurities literally on the skin,” De Angelis said.

De Angelis goes on to say that she recognizes that there are bigger issues to focus on in life, but she hopes this post can serve as a way to “feel stronger, perhaps to accept myself better.”

“Our fears can paralyze us or they can become a great force, it is up to us to choose the path,” she added.

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