“Home is a shelter from storms—all sorts of storms,” says William Bennet. More than ever, home is our solace from the stresses of the outside world. Two key factors that make a house into a proper home are our family and the right fixtures. Live load elements, such as furniture, are an essential part of a room. It makes a lot of difference when we set up our living area exactly the way we want it, because having a snug and cozy space contributes to a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

With these in mind, actress-entrepreneur Marian Rivera wants to share a piece of her home, a corner of her happiness, to everyone by launching Flora Vida Home, an extension of her successful flower business of the same name.

“It’s a different field, form, dimension, but it’s still all about flowers,” teases Marian in an exclusive interview with the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Three years ago, the Filipina-Spanish model opened her business Flora Vida, an online shop that specializes in preserved flower arrangements personally designed and prepared by Marian. “My greatest influence would be my grandmother who loves floral dresses. Growing up in Cavite, I would see her wearing something with floral prints,” intimates the actress. “The floral element would always be present in my life. Whether it’s in clothes, furniture, or actual flowers, masaya ako kapag may bulaklak (I am happy when there are flowers). Even her name Marian in Latin is rose petal.

Fast forward to 2020, Marian expands her brand with a specially curated collection of home pieces called the Flora Vida Home. “The idea of Flora Vida Home came to me way back, almost two or three years ago, when I was able to go abroad. Traveling overseas was the only time I could go window shopping, when I could wander around. Here in the Philippines, I am focused on work and the business,” says Marian. “So while exploring, among the things that really stuck to me were the floral fabrics.”

The celebrity sources European fabrics that she personally wants to own, which she uses to create items she thinks would be useful to everyone. Offered in Flora Vida Home are throwpillows, lamps, chairs, room displays, pouches, a memo board, and a nursery collection for kids, all of which highlight the delicate and elegant floral prints, and vintage but timeless designs by Marian.

These home pieces are all about tranquility, with a calming and soothing vibe that can brighten up any space. “With all the negativity happening everywhere, pag nasa loob ka ng bahay gusto mo tranquilo ka (When you are at home, you want to feel tranquil),” says Marian. “I want to extend my happiness to the people receiving the furniture. I want people to feel the passion I am putting into each item. I hope to bring joy and warmth to everyone through Flora Vida Home.”

Beyond its relaxing aesthetics designed to ease the customer’s anxiety, the brand is also eco-friendly as in most of its products, it utilizes wood from salvaged mango trees from South Road Bay and Paeta, Laguna. The fabrics are from Europe, but the items are made here in the Philippines, employing manpower from a local community in the Calabarzon region. “By doing so we are helping our countrymen with their livelihood,” says Marian.

As a loving wife to actor Dingdong Dantes and a mother to two beautiful children Zia and Sixto, Marian dedicates the collection mainly to moms. “Lalayo pa ba tayo (Are we going to stray)?” she jests. “Since I have a son and a daughter, the nursery collection caters to both genders.”

“In everything I do, I always consider my family,” Marian beams. “I would ask my panganay (eldest child) Zia for her opinion in whatever I am doing, even in my flower shop, and especially my husband Dong, he is my greatest cheerleader, my motivator. I always involve them.”

Even before the launch, some of Marian’s patrons from her online flower store have approached her about the furniture brand. In fact, one of them has asked her design blinds for a nursery room. Customers can check out and pre-order Flora Vida Home fixtures on the website https://ift.tt/3lSEGul. Clients are also free to have fixtures customized.

Follow the shop on facebook.com/FloraVidaByMarian/ or at Instagram @floravidabymarian.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2020/12/08/marian-rivera-blooms-anew-with-her-own-fabric-and-furniture-line/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=marian-rivera-blooms-anew-with-her-own-fabric-and-furniture-line)