Manila Doctors Hospital received a special recognition from the non-profit membership organization International Hospital Federation (IHF) for its “initiative, agility, and extraordinary capacity to innovate under extraordinary circumstances.”

The IHF cited three notable endeavors, including MDH for its Healthcare Equality & Accessibility for the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD) program which amplified its efforts during the pandemic.

“In the face of this pandemic, we strive to find solutions to bring quality care to our patients. We are helping to change the landscape of healthcare in these challenging times by responding to the needs of even those with disabilities,” said MDH president Arlene Ledesma. “This is part of Manila Doctors Hospital’s commitment to providing exceptional service amid the coronavirus pandemic,” Ledesma added.

The HEARD program is the only one of its kind in the country initiated by the hospital’s Corporate Social Responsibility office. The staff of MDH are trained in Filipino sign language (FSL), ensuring each work shift and department has at least one person fluent in it.

Source: Manila Bulletin (