Because planners are not just for listing errands

Art card by Noel Pabalate

So much has happened in 2020 that most of us are eager to say hello to 2021. And what better way to welcome a new year than having a fresh, new planner where you can list all the things we want to accomplish ahead?

Now, some of you might be skeptical about getting a new planner since our 2020 journals have been mostly empty if not completely unused because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But remember that a planner is not just for keeping a checklist of to-dos. Scientific study shows that keeping a journal is good for our mental health, too. 

According to a report by the University of Victoria, journaling has a positive correlation with our intelligence. It also helps improve our emotional intelligence and communication skills, boost our memory, and spark creativity. 

But aren’t journals such as this basically occasions for candid assessments? No. They’re not. They’re for telling oneself the fictions that are as honest as you can make them and still keep your life bearable.

— Samuel R. Delany, The Atheist in the Attic

With that, here’s a list of some of the coolest, hippest, and most functional planners available in the market today. 

  1. A5 lux binder planner

Perhaps the best planner to have is one curated according to your personal preference. On Shopee, Malikhain atbp store offers beautiful A5 size lux binder planners. 

It includes a Christmas checklist, a finance tracker, and a free-space journal. To top it all, Marie, the artist owner from the province of Benguet, offers a customized format and design. 

Price starts at P720.

2. I grew with the Earth

Belle de Jour power planner by Viviamo is another beautifully curated limited-edition planner. Each month features artworks that will remind you of the importance of growing one with Mother Nature. 

Ladies will surely love this because its inside pages come with a weekly planner, bills tracker, mood meter, checklist, and a menstrual tracker. 

Price: P570

3. Young Adult planner

Those who are young and young-at-heart will surely love this one because of its light, funny, and witty way of handling adulting. Available at Lazada, this planner comes with a handbound cover, while the inside is filled with fun yet useful sections such as a new normal essentials checklist, ipon goals tracker, and productivity tips. 

Price: P300

4. The Everyday Planner

With very positive reviews online, this undated planner embodies simplicity and elegance. It comes with eight different colors such as teal, mustard, bare, and periwinkle. Co-created by different artists and celebrities, including motion designer Jo Gregorion, illustrator Emay Peralta, and actress Toni Gonzaga-Soriano

Materials are all eco-friendly. Covers are made of vegetable leather, while the 100-gsm cream pages are from wood-free paper. 

Price: 750

5. Papemelroti pocket planners

If you’re a minimalist or someone who’s not into the bulky, thick planner, this one is right for you. It has 16 different artistic designs and comes in cute 4”x 5.75” size. 

It might be small, but it is definitely terrible because it has monthly spreads where you can write your daily tasks. This is also made from 100 percent recycled paper. 

Price: P20

6. Focus

Looking for a journal that will help you focus on things that matter most? Pick Focus 2021. It comes with a 2021 declaration form where you can list the things and field you want to improve in. Monthly dividers come in challenges or aspects in lives that you may to check or access. 

Price: P520

7. Everything is Possible

This one if for the goal-setters and achievers. Its first few pages are dedicated to help you review your 2020, and set your vision and goals for the new year. Monthly dividers are made of quotes and prompts about breaking your limitations that will help you discover yourself more. 

Price: 570

8. 2021 Essential planner

For those who love bullet journaling, this planner is a perfect match. It comes with dotted pages, made of high quality FSC certified 100-gsm paper. Plus, it is bleeding resistant and can be used in different creative ways of journaling. 

Price: P300

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