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For the very first guest star on his YouTube channel, actor Marco Gumabao invited close friend Julia Barretto for a mukbang Q&A video, entertaining candidly funny (and juicy) questions for all us to enjoy. The rules are simple: one flavor per question, take turns answering, and have all the chicken wings you want.

So it seems that the duo loves chicken wings so much to the point they jokingly said they’ll grow wings for consuming them every day. “My bonding time with Julia at around 2am or 3am and we’re a bit tipsy already, we like ordering chicken wings and pizza,” the idol revealed. “We eat chicken every day. For today, we have Wing Zone because for sure we will finish everything. Sisiw!”

Just like their must-eat spicy pulutan, the questions were just burning up to be answered. So, here are our favorite reveals from the bunch:

Are you a good kisser?

Marco: Maybe yes? Yes! I am a good kisser.
Julia: Of course! You have to believe in yourself.

Do you like to take the initiative?

Julia: I believe if you like someone there’s nothing wrong to let them know and let to them feel it. Even if I’m the girl, I’ll let you know that I like you.
Marco: Yeah, let them know! Just like what I did with Julia, even if I ended looking like a fool. Haha! If you like someone, always take the initiative to tell. Try and try until you die!

What do you think is your sexiest feature?

Julia: My ass and my lips. But number one, my butt. I can’t say boobs obviously because they’re non-existent.
Marco: My jawline. Honestly, I didn’t know I had a prominent jawline because I when I was younger I was fat. People have been asking me if I had it done but it’s all natural.

What turns you on?

Julia: What turns me on about a guy is when he’s not afraid to show his vulnerability. He’s not afraid of being weak. They’re not afraid to show that side of theirs.
Marco: Sense of humor. A huge factor for me is when the girl is kalog, someone who can ride my vibe. A lot of girls are pretty and a lot are pretty, but find that girl who has the same energy and wavelength as you.

Describe your temper in one word.

Julia: Mine is controllable.
Marco: Unpredictable. I have the tendency to be mad easily, but also I can manage it.

What is a weird thing you love?

Marco: I like clingy women. I like needy, cute clingy.
Julia: (To Marco) I’m surprised because guys typically don’t like that. Haha! I collect Band-Aids. I collect them, especially those with designs like Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Avengers, Spongebob.

Watch the full video here:

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