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Judy Ann Santos (Still from Judy Ann’s Kitchen)

We may have done things differently this Christmastime, but one thing remains the same—our tale of noche buena leftovers.

With less visitors going to our home this time, you’ve probably had more than the amount of leftovers compared to last year’s Yuletide feast. Though at times our food reheating moments make meals more flavorful, microwaving other dishes is not just as pleasurable.

To help you make the most out of your holiday leftovers, Judy Ann Santos whips up a few sandwich tricks that will turn your sad leftovers into treats fit for post-holiday tea time. 

In her latest Judy Ann’s Kitchen vlog, the actress shares her easy recipes for Christmas ham grilled cheese, roast beef, crispy pata, and chicken roulade sandwiches, and other leftover hacks making a definitely yummy post-holiday feasting. We can’t wait to do this on the first day of 2021!

What how Judy Ann does it in her kitchen here:

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