It wasn’t a peaceful Christmas celebration for expectant mom Isabelle Daza. She shared a photo of her two-year-old son Baltie’s hand and his Christmas illustration on her Instagram stories, but one of her followers didn’t think twice to share his sentiments on the photo.

“He’s gay? What a disgrace!”

Isabelle was quick to reply, “I’m sad for your family who has to put up with your values.”

But the follower pursued, “Try to base it biblically… don’t tolerate your kid to be something that he is not supposed to be.” Adding some more, “you just feel bad. I get it but come on. I have a point. Truth hurts anyway.”

Isabelle couldn’t help but take a screenshot of their conversation over on her IG stories with the caption, “Some people need to be educated.”

She ended the conversation with, “And I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t mind either.”

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