We spoke with the marketing head of RC Cola’s marketing and here’s what he had to say about their ‘crazy’ commercial

It’s been over a week since a soft drinks brand released its now viral ad, and people still talk about it. Through all the funny comments and fun discussions, we decided to settle once and for all what RC Cola’s crazy commercial was all about. So we spoke with the head of the brand’s marketing to finally find out why that mom had a soft drinks bottle for a head. 

Well, we didn’t really talk about that, but here’s what James Loverio had to say about the ad.

Is this the start of a new kind of advertising treatment for RC Cola?

RC Cola has a very diversified consumer base and we know that our market is continuously evolving. We aim to constantly rethink and recreate the way we deliver our message, to ensure that we keep up with the times.  

What was the concept behind this new ad? 

The Family ad encapsulates the big idea of the “Basta RC Cola Masarap” campaign, which is targeted toward Millennials. It was a fresh take on the message that we wanted to deliver: How Millenials live in the moment and how they don’t need a host of reasons before doing something. The ad also showed an analogy to everyday life—self-doubt, unconditional acceptance, truth, family, togetherness, and having fun with the people we love. We wanted these concepts communicated in a unique and creative way.

Because people are wondering, can you tell us what was the real message you wanted to convey through this ad?

It’s interesting how people have different interpretations of the ad. Most Millenials viewed it as all about having fun—that there’s no reason for it. Basta lang. While some consumers saw the ad as a realization of love and acceptance: How a mother’s unconditional love can solve anything. Others thought of the ad as a testament to family and togetherness, and how we always have our family to cover our backs. Personally, I see it as some sort of an “inkblot test.” How you interpret it shows a little bit of how you see life. 

When did you guys come up with this? Was it before the pandemic or during? Which ad agency was behind it, if there was one?

We finished shooting the RC Family Commercial in February, prior to the start of the quarantine due to the pandemic. There were some setbacks in the editing and development of the CGI driven by the limitations brought about by the lockdown. And since the material needed a lot of special effects, it took some time to perfect the ad.

Gigil is our advertising agency of choice for the #BastaRCColaMasarap Campaign.

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