Photo courtesy of Andi Eigenmann/Instagram

Andi Eigenmann is closing 2020 with a blast. On Sunday, the actress revealed she is now engaged to her partner, surfer Philmar Alipayo. Held at Solitude Acacia in Batangas, the proposal was set underwater.

“I never thought about how my engagement would go because quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d have one. It would’ve been okay regardless, but it did happen,” she wrote in an Instagram post. And it happened the way I wanted it and so much more.”

Eigemann said the engagement was “nothing grand,” “unprompted,” “simple,” and “sincere.”

“That’s us. That’s him. That is how I want the rest of my life to be,” she said. “I am over the moon, so stoked to spend the rest of my life with you, my mahal.”

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