Donut ring, anyone? How about sunny side up earrings instead?

Image from @_ha.mu_

Local fashion designer brand Ha.Mu creates its first-ever accessory collection with wearable art label Tropik Beatnik. The collaboration results into pieces that’s just filled with childhood wonder. 

With all the things that happened this 2020, it’s just right to have something that will inject fun into your wardrobe and, well, life in general. So, why not channel one of the happiest days of your life starting today? How about about playful refrigerator art mixed with fashionable Play-Doh? Guess what, these accessories deliver just that. 

Led by designers Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki, Ha.Mu is known for its eccentric and out-of-the-box concepts. From the duo’s Monster Retaso face masks to the Egg collection, their works reflect things beyond one’s wildest imagination. And their latest collection with Tropik Beatnik, the brand behind the SONA 2020 Araw brooch, is the perfect way to wrap up such a somber year.

“Our inspiration behind this collection was our take on being playful adults,” says Abraham. “We wanted to create quirky and statement pieces that you can easily mix and match in ways you can only imagine. We wanted to also incorporate our idea of fun onto accessories that can help complete and also change the vibe of your entire look.”

“This collection was months in the making—Ha.Mu reached out to me around August about collaborating,” owner and chief creative designer of Tropik Beatnik Clara Cruz says. “Between Tropik Beatnik’s colorful mixed media pieces and Ha.Mu’s quirky and larger-than-life style, I knew this was a match made in heaven.”

Mostly made of clay and assorted beadwork, the collection features pieces such as donut rings, chunky technicolor pearl necklaces, monster hoop earrings, and ampalaya ear cuff—all in cartoon-like aesthetic you can experiment with for any outfit.

“With the collection’s unconventional take on your usual accessories, each piece is a personality all on its own,” Clara says. “The pieces from the collection scream color and fun, and are designed to be mixed and matched, and just to be played around with.”

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