Make use of stuff lying around your house and save up on gifts and the holiday menu 

Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

When the holidays come knocking, people shell out a lot of cash to dress up their shiny homes—from the nooks and crannies up to the glitter-covered champagne on the table. With the ongoing pandemic, however, the chance of catching the virus outside seems more likely than getting a good deal on a surplus fir tree. 

Think about this instead: If you expend efforts in DIY decorations using materials you can find at home, you not only save up—you can also save yourself and the planet.

To give you a head start, we recommend “tablescaping.” This art of setting your table offers a perfect canvas for your new sustainable holiday aesthetic and the equally great food you’ll be eating in minutes. Here are a few of our easy and affordable tablescape ideas that go well with the right Christmas color schemes and accents. 

Go crazy with the centerpiece.
The goal is to translate your usual trinkets into fine centerpieces and festive arrangements—just like what we see in fancy restaurants have. Tie a twine around a bouquet of dried flowers and put it into a glass vase or use your room drape lights to wrap that DIY mini Christmas tree centerpiece. 

Trust the food. 
Lay last year’s garlands and fresh fruits on top of the dishes. You can also make a town out of gingerbread houses and cookies, as long as the little man of the fam keeps his hands off.

ⓒ Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

Go zero-waste.  
If you want to steer away from the traditional reds and greens, then you can rely on the color scheme of your clutters—say parcels and delivery boxes from the same courier for a rustic dinner feel. Those paper gift bags can also serve as centerpiece vases stuffed with natural pines and branches.


Live DIY Ideas

Use glass. 
Your drinking glasses, carafes, or even mason jars are our favorite statement pieces this season. You can use them as candle holders complete with artificial pine cones for setting the mood, floral vases with water and floating hollies, or makeshift snow globes with miniature reindeer and house models. 

Rework plaid clothes and flannels.
Red flannels always add a cozy feel to your outfits, so they probably look good as a tablecloth, too. You can layer them with your fancy room LED lights, as long as they aren’t too blinding. 

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