People are asking for donations for his family left behind, a wife and a five-month-old son

Photo courtesy of Ian Maggay/Facebook

Henry Kelly Villarao, a diver with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and his team braved the rising floods in Aparri town and traveled for three hours to conduct “critical rescue” operations in Tuguegarao on Friday last week.

On their final rescue, their motorboat snagged a live wire, killing the father of a four-month-old boy.

A netizen named Ian Maggay paid a tribute to the late Villarao for his bravery and heroism after risking his life to save others.

“May you rest in peace our dear brother Kelly Villarao—a frontliner, lifesaver, a volunteer rescuer, and a true hero of this generation,” he wrote. “Your heroic story will be kept forever in the hearts of every Cagayanoes.”

He also asked if people could donate to the family Villarao left behind. “What is more heartbreaking is naiwan niya ang kanyang asawa and his son that now both will continue to face the challenges of life without him. After he risked his life by helping others, maybe we could also extend at least a little support to the bereaved family,” Maggay added. Those who wish to donate may check out the bank details on Maggay’s Facebook post.

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