It’s the nail version of the “no-makeup makeup look”

Nail art photo courtesy of Fariha Ali

Once upon a time, French manicure were the be-all, end-all nail look. Of course, that was in the ’90s when people reached for crimpers and denim-on-denim. 

And while the French mani has definitely made a comeback, it’s taking a new form this year—oat milk nails.

Yes, you read that right. Oat milk nails are a thing. 

A term coined by nail artist Fariha Ali on her Instagram page, it’s a polishing technique that will make your nails look natural and well-cared for, even if your nails short.

“Oat milk nails look like real, bare nails—right down the milky, off-white tips—except they’re made from gel extensions,” a report from Allure said.

So how are oat milk nails made? According to Ali, it is similar to the “no makeup makeup look” concept: the goal is to highlight what already exists.

“Instead of creating clear extensions, I tried to mimic the client’s natural free edge color using an off-white hard gel,” she told the publication. The light, soft tones inspired by oat milk makes it a classic statement. 

And as you already have established, this is a technique probably best left to the professionals in salon. Your go-to nail artist should have no trouble recreating oat milk nails as long as they have a gel that is similar to your natural nail color. 

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