Amid all the things that are happening, the kids’ museum believes Christmas is not canceled

After seeing Disney UK’s 2020 Christmas Ad, people all over the world were reminded of the magic of the holidays many thought were lost due to the global pandemic scare. The video rings close to many Filipinos with all the Philippine holiday traditions showcased in it. One of them is the country’s parol heritage. 

Parol or the Filipino Christmas lantern takes inspiration from the star of Bethlehem, shining over baby Jesus in the manger. It symbolizes hope and the season’s purpose to every child. Doing the same thing is Museo Pambata, the first children’s interactive museum in the country, as it brings back its “Star of Hope” initiative. 

“In 1986, after the EDSA Revolution, my father, and my aunt came up with the ‘Star of Hope,’ which made a lot of people happy,” says Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco, president of Museo Pambata. “During these times of crisis, Museo Pambata wants kids to feel that there is always a rainbow after the rain, light at the end of the tunnel, and a new day after a long, dark night, that there is hope for a better world. They have to be inspired, make them feel that Christmas is not canceled. Children are our future beacons of light, so I thought of reviving the ‘Star of Hope.’”

Providing an alternative to the formal classroom environment, Museo Pambata encourages children to be the beacon of light and  the hope of our future. According to Bambi, the Star of Hope speaks of the bayanihan spirit and Filipinos’ creativity.  It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) star which will ignite kids’ imagination and artistry as they dress up the star frame, symbolizing their vision of happiness and hope. 

For every DIY Star of Hope purchase, another parol kit goes to a child from Museo Pambata’s 500 adopted children. The families of these children will also receive a Noche Buena basket.

“Every kit can spark inspiration in all of us to do acts of kindness and generosity,” says Bambi.  “It can inspire creativity and encourage bonding as we work with our hands, spending quality time with our children. The parol itself can fuel hope in ourselves and the future generation so they may continue to shine bright and build a better world.”

Museo Pambata encourages everyone to help bring Christmas cheer to these families, and make a child’s star shine brighter. For donations, please call Charlot of Museo Pambata at (+639) 66 384 9694.

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