Find out the funny side of Sarah Lahbati, Alex Gonzaga, and Isabelle Daza

April Fools Day or not, pranks can always be a fun way to bring laughter to friends and family. Staying home because of the pandemic is not easy, but these local celebrities found ways to entertain themselves as they put out the most hilarious pranks on social media to beat the lockdown blues. Whether you’re social distancing alone or with your loved ones, laugh out loud at their crazy antics.

‘Baby girl’

On Instagram, Sarah pulled a prank on her followers and relatives when she posted her family picture along with the caption, “Our family is growing and we’re happy to announce that we have a new baby girl!”

What most fans speculated to be a bun in the oven turned out to be a fur baby, as evidenced by her follow-up pictures carrying an adorable French bulldog.

Kaloka, I thought you were pregnant again!” said Ruffa Gutierrez, Sarah’s sister-in-law, in the comments section.

Couple Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez have two adorable sons, Zion and Kai.

Unplanned pregnancy

In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Alex pretends to be pregnant with fiancĂ© Mikee Morada’s baby and breaks the news to her mother and father.

Mapapaaga ang kasal,” Alex laughingly tells her mom while she showed her a fake sonogram with three positive pregnancy tests (These belonged to one of her friends who was really expecting).

Unsurprisingly, Mommy Pinty was angry. “Sinasabi ko na nga ba e. Siraulo ito. Sinabi ko na ngang huwag ninyong gagawin ito e. Hindi pa nakakasal e.” She then walked out of the room.

After a few moments, Alex eventually admitted that it was a prank because she saw her mom was close to crying. Needless to say, Mommy Pinty was not amused.

There’s never a bad time to “eat” your child’s candy

Actress Isabelle Daza pulled off the famous prank this recent Halloween. She pretended to eat her kid’s candy, and then she filmed his reaction for the world to see. 

In the video, Isabelle could be heard asking her son not to get mad at her before she placed his empty bag of candies on the table.

“I ate all your Halloween candy,” Isabelle said to which her son Baltie replied, “Why?”

“I’m sorry, I ate all the gummies and the lollipops and the chocolate. Is it okay? Are you galit at mama? Sorry,” the mom said.

Instead of giving her a response, Baltie walked out on his mother instead. Whether you gobble up your child’s favorite snack or nab that last scoop of ice cream, there’s something about this joke that never gets old.

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