Finally, a non-traditional college path that fits adult learners’ objectives and schedules

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Many working professionals have gone far with on-the-job experience, but could be hesitant to return to a traditional school setting. Whether they are going through a career change, are looking to update their skills, or seek to complement their experiences with academic knowledge, MINT College is proud to offer them a new program for adult learners looking for a progressive alternative to the traditional education experience.

The Achieve Program is designed to accommodate the needs of adult learners. It offers a convenient path to fulfilling the academic requirements adult learners may need to complete their undergraduate degrees after years away from a formal education setting. The diverse academic offerings also provide adult learners with updated knowledge and industry insight that will allow them to advance in their careers and passions.

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Adult learners now have the opportunity to take advantage of MINT’s modern approach to education, blending business, arts, and technology in all disciplines. For the past decade, MINT has established itself as an innovative and non-traditional school. Their progressive ideas have focused on a project-based, hands-on approach that recognizes the value of experiential learning. It is the perfect place for continuing education.

The MINT Achieve Program provides the path for adult learners to earn a degree in any of the following courses: BS Music Business, AB Film, BSBA Marketing, AB Performing Arts, and BS Entrepreneurship.

“Learning is a life-long pursuit,” says MINT College President Bal Endriga. “At all times; at any age.”

How does it work?

Even before an adult learner applies, a MINT advisor makes an assessment to discuss the specific academic requirements the learner needs to complete in order to receive their diploma. The Achieve Program appreciates that adult learners bring inspired professional and personal experience to the learning process. A generous credit policy recognizes prior academic study, professional work, creative pursuits, and life experience for a more efficient and affordable path to graduation. With that, the student can focus on the subjects and academic matters they are interested in.

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The professional and personal commitments and demands of an adult learner are not something that educational opportunities should be competing with. That is why MINT’s Achieve Program provides a mix of remote and in-person learning, independent study, as well as guided and supported instruction for a flexible schedule that will help students achieve their goals.

Learning is a life-long pursuit.

Bal Endriga

While in class or completing assignments, professional students can learn and work at the same time. MINT’s teaching faculty is encouraged to integrate adult learners’ practical knowledge and professional interests in the lessons and requirements. Students can incorporate their work into their class projects for academic opinion and assistance. 

The expansive network of MINT’s teaching faculty is regularly brought into lessons. Adult learners can expect to meet a variety of industry practitioners whom they may even find themselves working with after graduation.

There is no need to start from the beginning. There is no need to add burdensome requirements just to make headway in a career. MINT’s Achieve Program helps students achieve more with what they already have.

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