All’s well that ends well. Even if the family had a rocky start, with Kobe and Andre Paras moving in with their father Benjie, the two sons are now in good terms with their mother Jackie Forster.
Sept. 18, Friday, was Kobe’s 23rd birthday and Jackie posted a photo of all of her five children, three of whom are with her husband Michael Franken. Highlighting that it was Kobe’s birthday with the hashtag #23, her favorite number, the #Jordan year, her caption went: “We will always be here to support you, Kuya @_kokoparas. I’m so excited for all that is still ahead of you! Keep your head up and keep pushing toward your goals. I know these last few years haven’t been easy but it’s all part of the plan. It’s true what they say: Growing feels like breaking at first. So keep focused and keep praying. Trust me, it will all make sense later on. Meanwhile, hustle hard and take more chances while you are still young, my love, and try to enjoy the journey. God be with you every step of the way! We love you so much. Happy birthday!”

Over 550 netizens left birthday greetings on her post, including Kobe who thanked everyone, especially his “mama.”

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