Say what you want about Jinkee Pacquiao, but the wife of Senator and boxing champ Manny Pacquiao exudes an easy grace and reveals her tasteful design leaning as seen in a recent video uploaded on her YouTube vlog, Simply Jinkee.

The video showcases the family’s private vacation resort at Barangay Taluya in Glan, Sarangani. The resort is on Gumasa Beach, a popular touristy area known for its white sand and serene sunsets.

The video, which garnered more than a million views, was done because of the clamor. “I’m not bragging that we have something like this, but you (netizens) requested for this. So I’m giving you a personal tour,” she says.

It is a personal tour, indeed, with Jinkee speaking as if directly with you, even peppering her spiel with Bisaya.

The resort features a main house, two villas (one each for the Jamora [Jinkee’s side] and Pacquiao families), a pool area, a hall, and a gazebo that can be accessed via a bridge on the beachfront. It also has a long and wide stretch of beachfront, where the family gathers at an outdoor dining area for their meals.

LUNCH WITH A VIEW Outdoor dining area by the beachfront (Photo from Instagram @jinkeepacquiao)

“The construction of this place started seven years ago,” Jinkee says in Filipino while opening the door to a wide living area. The space reveals a white rattan sofa with teal cushions and colorful throw pillows. An outdoorsy vibe radiates inside the house.

OUTDOORSY VIBE The main house’s living area exudes summer (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

Beyond the living area, Jinkee takes the viewer to the master’s bedroom. Before entering that room, there is an area with a balcony that has a view of the beach. That area, as Jinkee points out, is where she reads the Bible in the morning while enjoying the view.

SERENE SPACE Area outside the master’s bedroom is where Jinkee reads the Bible in the morning (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

The white rattan furniture is still present at the lanai area, which also extends to the master’s bedroom, which is predominantly white and blue.

“Looking at the overall design of this vacation house, it truly fits the scene as they chose the nautical theme of blue and white,” says interior designer Florence Ang. “It is really tasteful as it is simple and blends well with the environment.”

Jinkee also shows some of the books she is currently reading, such as The Power of a Praying Wife. She also lets viewers into her walk-in closet and marble-tiled bathroom.

NAUTICAL TOUCH The white-and-blue theme of the master’s bedroom (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

Outside the main house and leading to the villas, there is a wide garden, which Jinkee raves about, saying she is satisfied with the landscaping and trimming.

The garden, however, can use some improvements as there are some random plants appearing in the middle of the grass. “If you look at the aerial view, there are also some unrefined patches in the grass area. But these can be easily remedied with basic landscaping fixes,” says Florence.

Jinkee then goes to Villa 1 and what is commendable is the fact that the design theme was retained.

Facade of the two villas (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

“As you can see, the nautical design is still followed as seen on the curtains, the rattan sofa, and the wood panels and staircase,” says the interior designer. “This shows unity in the design and I could see that Jinkee is proud of it, as she always mentions that she likes the blue-and-white theme.”

What’s interesting in the Villa 1 is the presence of portraits showing the blown-up pictures and magazine covers of Jinkee, who jests that those are for “when I get old, (so) I can be reminded of my youth.”

COVER GIRL Jinkee look up on her blown-up photo from a magazine (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

“This shows that she is putting her personal touch or brand in those living spaces,” says Florence. “It shows that she has a mind of her own, and has a design preference that’s easy to the eyes, yet practical and playful at the same time.”

The villa also features a terrace, with a view of the garden below. It is a wide space, which can use some outdoor furniture.

After the villa, Jinkee visits the hall, a sort of game room with a billiard table, where the senator is present. There is also the pool area, another classy space featuring the nautical theme, which Jinkee reiterates as her “blue-and-white concept.”

SUMMER FOREVER The pool area beckons the family to enjoy the waters any time (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

Walking across the beach, Jinkee arrives at the gazebo, which can be reached via a cement bridge. It’s not made of wood, she says, as it can deteriorate faster. The gazebo is where they do their Bible studies and some activities since they love the fresh air from the sea.

BRIDGE OVER WATER Walking toward the gazebo located at the Gumasa Beach (Photo clip from YouTube vlog Simply Jinkee)

The tour culminates at a dinner on the beachfront and bonding activities at home with the family. The entire property, which Jinkee describes as her “happy place” in an Instagram post, truly exudes happiness—and style, too.  

HAPPY PLACE Jinkee sits by the beachfront, beaming with joy (Photo from Instagram @jinkeepacquiao)

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