Through the decades, Jewelmer has taken inspiration from both the inimitable artistry of nature—the cerulean tides of seas, the Philippines’ golden shores, the vibrant foliage of the French countryside—and the dynamic world of fine art. Jewelmer artisans, gifted with an innate Filipino creativity and trained in the exemplary French craftsmanship practiced in the hallowed halls of Place Vendôme, transform the pearl into an entire aesthetic experience. 

This artistry is in harmonic union with a process that places nature’s welfare at the center. Every golden South Sea pearl harvested by Jewelmer is the result of a healthy and thriving natural environment, combined with the thoughtful care of the pearl farmers who tend to the pearl oysters with the utmost gentleness and respect. 

It is this vibrant energy of excellence and sustainability that remains as essential as ever in every Jewelmer creation. Explore a universe where the fluid shapes of nature and the architecture of man come together in a complex and breathtaking display of harmony.

Jewelmer invites you into an experience that takes you on a unique journey through French-Filipino art and history, and the breathtaking wonders of nature. Visit any Jewelmer boutique to discover more.

Jewelmer is an international luxury brand that was born out of a commitment to the world’s most lustrous cultured South Sea pearls and exquisite fine jewelry. Established in 1979 by Jacques Branellec and Manuel Cojuangco, Jewelmer has grown globally to represent a world of rarity and enduring elegance. | | @jewelmer

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