By Angela Casco

Fans of the South Korean film, Parasite, know that its set designs have played a critical part in both its storytelling, but also in its portrayal of social themes, the most prominent of which is class inequality.

Bong Joon Ho, the movie’s director, has said himself that the sets, especially the affluent Park household that the poor Kim family from a semi-basement housing cons their way into, is “like its own universe inside this film” in that “each team has spaces that they take over, that they can infiltrate, and also secret spaces that they don’t know.”

Now, you can be part of the film’s iconic sets—at least on your next Zoom meeting—as Parasite Japan’s official Twitter account (@Parasite_JP) has shared five virtual backgrounds inspired by the movie.

“[For] everyone who is still at home, [this] virtual background gift [is] for video conference & online drinking party,” Parasite Japan has tweeted. “From feeling like a millionaire to feeling like a member of a semi-basement family, enjoy your time at home!”

The free and downloadable backgrounds from the Oscars’ first foreign language Best Picture include the bathroom of the Kim family’s rusty semi-basement apartment, as well as the Park family’s kitchen and doorway to the secret basement, spacious living room, art room, and family lawn.


The Park family’s spacious living room


The Park family’s art room 


The bathroom from the rusty semi-basement apartment

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