The travel industry forecasts a shift of preference to staycations over leisure, however, it’s only a matter of time before hotels enter survival mode, and eventually succumb, due to persistent rise of Covid-19 in the Philippines and people’s growing hesitance on renting public spaces.

Popular local hotel chain Victoria Court addresses this matter as it announces indefinite closure of several branches under the management of CEO Angelina Mead King, particularly those from southern locations and Sohotel in Malate. Meanwhile, Angie’s brother Atticus King, who runs northern branches and Hotel Paradis, confirms he will continue operations.

The two-star budget-friendly lodging, known for its pop culture-themed rooms tweaked occasionally, has been opening its doors to stranded OFWs and BPO workers ever since the enhanced community quarantine began.

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Photo from Victoria Court’s Facebook page

In a video statement, Angie shares the hotel’s declining prospect and the fear it may not be able to produce the same results, even with a larger workforce. “It is still not enough for the business to sustain itself, and take care of all of us,” says Angie.

To aid in the transition of employees’ layoff, the company will prepare retrenchment packages that can tide them over the next few months. “I want to let you know that we value, all your hard work and loyalty, that you have given during my management. And I really wish there was another way to go about this,” she says.

Angie also advises her workers to look for another job for financial support, but she assures that they will get their jobs back should the branches reopen and resume operations. She ends her statement by saying, “I want to say please, stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful. I want to wish everyone the best of luck.”

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