There’s no stopping Pride Month. To show its support to the members of the community, Netflix has partnered with Filipino artists Jethro Ian and Pandesaii  to illustrate and share their favorite LGBTQ+ characters from the streaming service’s shows through stunning artworks.

“[Representation] is really important, especially for young LGBTQ+ kids. Seeing ourselves being represented authentically helps a lot when we’re trying to learn to accept ourselves,” says Sai.

“Seeing nuanced, multi-layered queer characters is an immense validation, especially knowing that these characters involve LGBTQ+ creators too,” adds Jethro. “It makes you feel like you matter, that the stories you tell are worth listening to. And you are not alone.”

Check out what they have to say about their works.


Theo (1)

Theo from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

“I love seeing the representation of a trans man so carefully illustrated in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It also opens doors of hope for young trans kids who are watching the show, since this show is loved by teenage and young adult audiences. The character is being played by Laclan Watson, who is a non-binary actor, which is huge for representation and opportunities for LGBTQ+ kids.”

Eric (1)

Eric from Sex Education

“Seeing Eric’s character in Sex Education is such a breath of fresh air as it completely redefines the trope of ‘gay best friend.’ His relationship with Otis, his relationship with his self-expression, and his relationship with some of the characters are so unabashedly unriddled with self-doubt. He continues to be one of the characters that give joy to the show.”

Adam (1)

Adam from Sex Education

“Watching Adam’s character was such a rollercoaster. Having Eric on the other end, who is so sure of himself and his sexuality from day one, we get to see how Adam’s journey to realizing his own sexuality unfolds, even if it wasn’t something easy to navigate. And that is what it feels like for most of LGBTQ+ individuals who are still uncomfortable in understanding and expressing who they are.”


Ryan from Special

“Every now and then, you come across series that are light and fun, but sometimes prove to be that and more. That is what Special is. Ryan who has mild cerebral palsy, takes you along a journey of self-acceptance, love, and going after the things you want in life.”

Klaus (1)

Klaus from The Umbrella Academy

“From all the characters in the show, Klaus proves to be the most sensitive and empathic character. It is also notable that his sexuality as a pansexual was never a focal point of his story arc, nor was this a source of trauma or self-conflict. This pushes a nuanced queer characterization that defies previous LGBTQ+ roles we often see on TV.”



Robin from Stranger Things 3

“Robin from Stranger Things is a really cool character. She’s an amazing friend and I’m glad that they added her storyline in the show. I can’t wait to see more of her next season.”

Fav Five

The Fab Five from Queer Eye

“The Fab 5 are just amazing. Seeing them help people get back up on their feet always inspires me to do good and be kinder toward other people. They also really inspire me to use my skills and talents for the better.”

Netflix_(ellie and aster)

Ellie Chu and Aster Flores from The Half Of It

“It was great and really gratifying to see an Asian LGBTQ+ lead in a romance story. I also really enjoyed their dynamic, and Ellie and Aster’s struggles with religion, race, and family was something I think a lot of us can relate to.”


Ola from Sex Education

“Ola is a really smart and headstrong character and her coming to terms with her gender identity and feelings was amazing to watch.”


Mae from Feel Good

“Mae Martin is really amazing and brave for sharing her past and personal experiences through her craft. It’s something that I hope I can also do well in the future.”

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