They say that art is a reflection of an era. And this has never been truer than with this viral comic strip by Filipina artist Xiao Prieto.
In her recent works, the Davao-born artist currently residing in Singapore as an illustrator showed how the Covid-19 pandemic affects every individual. From a teenager experiencing anxiety to an ordinary worker laid off from his job to a grandmother working hard to earn extra cash and buy a gadget so her grandson can cope with virtual classes.
This heartbreaking yet touching doodles caught the attention of netizens.

“You can get inspiration everywhere, you just have to look at things closely or differently,” Xiao tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.
She encourages her fellow creatives to never stop doing what they do, even in the middle of pandemic. “For those who create art, lets continue doing the things we love,” she says.
As of writing her post has garnered 13,000 reactions and 22,000 shares.

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