As part of the concluding celebration of Pride Month, Google will hold an online event called Pride Conversations to create a discussion and champion some of today’s inspiring members of the Filipino LGBTQ+ community. This will be live-streamed on Google Philippines’ YouTube channel on Tuesday, June 30 at 5:00 p.m.

The speakers of the event continue to bring pride to the LGBTQ+ community through their achievements in their respective fields, including Antipolo City Barangay Councilor Kristian Ibardolaza, plastic surgery fellow Dr. Berry Beriña, motorcycle vlogger Gaki Azurin, popularly known as “GakiMoto,” and content creator Mikey Bustos.

“Google encourages us to form and participate in employee resource groups like Pride@Google,” shares Melai Lopez, a trans woman, and program manager at Google Philippines who will be part of the Pride Conversations. “With this, I am able to use my voice to spark necessary conversations in the company and to continue to the external LGBTQ+ community through high-impact programs and initiatives.”

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Google fosters a diverse and inclusive culture where LGBTQ+ employees are respected, celebrated, and empowered. The company ensures that they enjoy the same opportunity to shine, be heard, and succeed in the organization.

“Google is committed to inclusion and this Pride month we’re excited to share how we always support the LGBTQ+ community in a number of ways–from sustaining a diverse workplace culture to providing grants, to hosting events around the world to continue the discussion on equality,” said Mervin Wenke, the communications and PR head for Google Philippines.

Pride Conversations is one of Google’s initiatives to engage the larger community, championing LGBTQ+ personalities whose stories serve as an inspiration for the community.

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