Cooking and having meals at home will soon be the new norm, with moms planning homecook dishes on a daily basis. Takeout, delivery, and fast food might not even be considered options anytime in the near future.


COOKING MAMA Bambi shows moms how easy it is to cook three dishes simultaneously with Rinnai’s three-in-one stove appliance—it comes with two stoves, griller, and an oven.

With so many things happening at home, and with no school for the kids, how can moms make sure they have time for the things that matter? Japanese brand Rinnai introduced a new innovation in kitchen stove appliances with their three-in-one feature. This twostove tabletop also comes with a griller and an oven. “It is innovative. For a small-sized stove I am pleasantly surprised with its threein-one function. For busy moms like me, this is a gamechanger,” says homemaker, TV host, and mom-of-two Bambi del Rosario Young who hosted a cooking class one afternoon with mommy guests such as Danica Sotto Pingris and Sam Valenciano.


Everyone got to try all three functions in one go, cooking beef gyudon, parmesan herb crusted salmon cubes, and steamed asparagus with mushrooms—piping hot three dishes cooked simultaneously within 30 minutes.

“Rinnai focused on certain items that are used everyday and innovated on these appliances to make them more functional, safe, and efficient,” general manager of Rinnai Philippines John Chuakaw ends.

*Rinnai is available in SM Appliance and SM Home.

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