Its been two months since key areas around the Philippines went into quarantine to combat the spread of Covid-19. With such clear restrictions in life movements, the beauty industry—by way of hair salons, barbershops, facial clinics, eyebrow boutiques, cosmetic ateliers, etc.—are still slowly feeling their way back to theirbusinesses while the pandemic is far from over. Despite the fear, what moves the industry forward is what lies at the very core of the beauty sector—hygiene and safety.

The beauty industry adheres to the utmost standards in hygiene andsafety, as prescribed by guidelines as well as legislative acts. Beauty establishments undergo a rigorous health inspection for all facets of the business, from therapist education to sanitation of premises. To an extent, in terms of best practices, the beauty sector should be able to lead the way.

Dermatological centers have always put safety measures in placeeven in the pre-Covid-19 era. Standard practices and safety measuresinclude changing of sheets, disinfecting areas, suctioning the room, and clearing out materials.

“In terms of germophobia, theres not much change in that department. I honestly think that this virus is here to stay, so we all have to retrain ourselves,” says Windie Villarica Hayano, managing director of Skin Inc. “Costs will be higher for both us and patients, and we will definitely be seeing less patients because of this. We now have a real need for things like protective gear that we didn’t even think about three months ago. The word here is safety. This is something everyone in the industry should be able to deliver to every customer.”

In retail, brands are revisiting their protocols while adopting new exercises. Shiseido Philippines has several beauty counters across the country, and its taking safety to a higher level. “First and foremost, our priority now should be the safety of our customers and, of course, our frontliners—the beauty consultants,” says Jen Jimenez Yalung, country general manager at Shiseido. “These are some of the things we will be doing: Complete and regular sanitation of our counters, consistent hygienic protocols, protective gear for our beauty consultants, observance of social distancing by the book, and maximizing technology as an extension of our stores.”

Windie Villarica Hayano and Leo Posadas

Windie Villarica Hayano and Leo Posadas

Beauty facelift
As the industry moves into the new normal, there are numerous changes to expect. Yalung says, “The way we perceive beauty will have some changes. New beauty trends will emerge and integrate with the new norm. The self-care regimen at home will rise in prominence. People will adapt simpler beauty routines while putting emphasis on skin care since it is the visual barometer of stress. Other key changes include transfer-resistant makeup as well as the end of beauty fads with the return to beauty classics.”

This return to the classics is also echoed by hair guru Lourd Ramos. “People will be more careful and meticulous when it comes to personal care. The look is back to basics and the classics,” he says. “Beauty will return to something that is very fast and wearable. For both cuts for men and women, the new beauty norm is nothing fancy.”

Makeup maven Leo Posadas also highlights lesser frills and lesselaborate beauty looks. “Protection is top priority. Im afraid to say this but its the reality now: Makeup artistry is no longer on top of the list for some people,” the beauty expert says. “They would rather do it on their own to keep themselves from possible infection. It also requires less time and money. There will be no need for serious hair styling, full makeup, or dressing up. The minimal look will be the new beauty norm.”


Jen Jimenez Yalung and Lourd Ramos

Jen Jimenez Yalung and Lourd Ramos

Revamping rituals
The beauty industry adapts to how consumers will be in the future. “If we are to think about the economic loss we have all experienced during this time (I believe the majority agrees with this), then people will probably look to trimming down their routines,” Hayano says. “Goodbye, 10 to 20 step skincare routine! People will probably opt for the bare necessities, or choose multifunctional products that are not too expensive. You either choose a more effective procedure that will have the effect of a 20-step routine (botox, fillers, laser, energy devices) or use products that are more effective for anti-aging.”

Social distancing has already modified the way we interact. In the same way, it has affected our own beauty habits. “We will be wearing protective gear like face masks, gloves, and applying hand sanitizers before touching the faces of clients,” Posadas says. “Doubling the sanitation of our tools and makeup to sterilize and ready these will be essential.”

While everything seems to be shifting toward a very aseptic approach, Ramos is weary of losing the personal touch with customers. “We will have physical distancing when we perform haircuts, color, makeup, and the like, he says. It has affected me and a lot of hairdressers and salon owners both emotionally and financially.”

Best practices and learnings
In the Japanese beauty industry, double cleansing has been the norm for decades. The pandemic may be a signal for everyone to adopt this style. “Anyone who is using make up should adopt this technique,” says Hayano. “I am a believer of this as it helps to get that makeup residue off your face.”

Yalung also approves of the Japanese practice, which is seen in Shiseido’s cleansing rituals. “It is a given that everyone will be obsessed with cleansing, washing, and being germ-free.”

Posadas and Ramos are both firm believers in approaching beauty from a holistic standpoint. For Ramos, “good hygiene doesn’t mean just physical cleanliness. Hygiene is also seen in ones lifestyle and health attributes, such as good food and physical exercises.”

“I think the best beauty practices I discovered and I will maintain till after the lockdown are to get enough sleep, eat more fruits, and most especially, brew my own natural ginger/turmeric and kalamansi tea every night,” Posadas says. “These give me confidence of having good skin to battle any illnesses.”

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